Third-party Platform

  • WeChat official licensing
    Help to implement and standardize services
  • Simple to set up
    No more need to understand complicated parameters settings
  • Safe and reliable authorization
    Password won't be provided to developers, thereby ensuring safety

With third-party platforms, third-party developers can now offer Official Account and Mini Program operators useful services directly, gaining authorization with a single click. This allows Official Accounts or Mini Programs operators to access vertical solutions offered by third-parties.

Activation process

  1. 1

    Pass developer qualification

    Must complete Developer qualification verification before starting third-party platform development
  2. 2

    Create a third-party platform

    After verified, third-party platforms can be created in the Console. Please read carefully the development documents in the resource center before creating
  3. 3

    Test third-party platforms

    After features of third-party platforms are created and implemented, you must test them to ensure the authorized host is valid
  4. 4

    Apply for release into production

    After testing of a third-party platform is completed, it should be submitted for release into production, after which accessed by other Official Accounts or Mini Programs.